Meeting Condition Precedents- Part One

What to watch out for before drafting Share sale purchase agreements?

How to draft contracts?

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How to draft a contract?

How the word “Agreement” is different from the word “Contract”?

A discussion on difference between agreement and contract under Indian Contract Act.

Website Terms-Termination clause

Queries raised with readers for termination clause in websites.

Liquidated Damages or Consequential Damages…what Damages?

A discussion on damages payable in case of breach of contract of an agreement subject to Indian contract act

Section 75. Party rightfully rescinding contract entitled to compensation.

Bare Section 75 of Indian Contract Act of 1872

Section 74. Compensation for breach of contract where penalty stipulated for

Bare Section 74 of Indian Contract Act

Section 73. Compensation for loss or damage caused by breach of contract

Bare Section 73 of Indian Contract Act of 1872

An Introduction-Limitation of Liability Clauses

A discussion on Limitation of Liability under Indian Law

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It was 14th February, 2011, when time permitted me last to write something meaningful on this Blog. I could not contribute any post relating to Contract Law since then, due to paucity of time and sheer lazyness.

Despite this more than 1000 visits were registered for the Blog this month of July, 2011. This is an honor […]