Agreement Drafting

Learn Contract Drafting – Part 6- How to improve your writing?

Contract drafting- How to improve your writing?

Learn Contract Drafting – Part 5 – Three Essentials & One Hidden Message

3 essential message and 1 hidden message to learn contract drafting.

Learn Contract Drafting – Part 3 – Read Patiently

Hello readers. Welcome back.
If you read my last two articles on ‘contract drafting’ and have come back for more (that means you are not angry on me for my last advice), my next most important advice to you is – “read some more, read carefully and read with patience.”
I am hoping that […]

Learn Contract Drafting – Part 2 – Read Carefully

Some of you might be wondering why I have not written anything in continuation to previous article on the “contract drafting”. This is only because I have been engrossed with work, lethargy and lack of motivation to write. So, I have finally found the motivation and courage to write this piece, and here I […]

Learn Contract Drafting – Part 1 – Start Reading

This is the first post in a series on Contract Drafting, which I believe in and am trying to make as persuasive as I can to be taken by everyone as learning material on contract drafting in context of India and laws applicable in India.
If you are a practicing litigation lawyer, you will understand […]

When communication is complete under Indian Contract Act?

An article discussing and challenging readers to contemplate when communication is complete under Indian Contract Act.

Meeting Condition Precedents- Part One

What to watch out for before drafting Share sale purchase agreements?

An Introduction-Limitation of Liability Clauses

A discussion on Limitation of Liability under Indian Law

Are you looking for a template of an agreement? Please, do not unless you are ready for loss.

This post is dedicated to those readers who come looking for agreement templates after searching a specific term in google search. My advice to those readers is to stop looking for an agreement template, unless they are lawyers and have the ability to customize one for their own use. It is important for these […]

Watch out for an “Entire Agreement Clause”.

A discussion on entire agreement clause in Indian context.