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Contact drafting online course

I am planning to start a contract drafting course through Skype. How many of you will be interested in joining. The course content will be based on basics of contact drafting, the writing style, etc., and will be an interactive session. The first session will be free and will cover only the course content and […]

Learn Contract Drafting – Part V – 3 Essentials & a hidden message

If you have sincerely followed up with my past recommendations to be an avid reader, you will greatly benefit from this post. How so?

Simply put, you must have by now read so much that most of my explanations will feel unnecessary. You will now have a basic understanding of sentence structure, grammar rules, word […]

What I learnt today in Contract drafting?

No amount of advance preparation in closing a deal will help the business team, where you as a legal support member does not have control over the law firms dealing with the transaction. In a sale-purchase transaction the buyer/ consumer is always a king and their last suggestions to the contract draft are not […]

Contract Drafting – Part 1 – Language Check

Most of us, lawyers, honestly believe that we know the language we use to write our contracts. For this blog post, I am restricting my views on English language, the language I use to write my contracts. My experience with this language has been a roller coaster ride. You may or may not relate […]

Art of being critical

Soon after I wrote the blog post – “Learn Contract Drafting – Part 1 – Start Reading”, I conciously turned to my fellow LinkedIn group members to get some feedback on the peculiar and informal writing style of the post. 
And, did I get some comments. I did get a few encouraging ones and few […]

Learn Contract Drafting – Part VI- How to improve your writing?-1

Contract drafting- How to improve your writing?

Learn Contract Drafting – Part V – 3 Essentials & 1 Hidden Message

3 essential message and 1 hidden message to learn contract drafting.

Learn Contract Drafting – Part 4 – Write for your audience – Part 1

“A wider audience of a writer’s creative work reflects that writer’s influence on such audience. In case of legal writing, a writer’s audience is both well read and well informed. So, a writer writing for such an audience has to be careful not only in choosing the words but also – in words of […]

Food for thought– Is university syllabus a contract?

I came across a news item that talks about an interesting lawsuit. A former law student of the Massachusetts School of Law has claimed in his suit against the law school that he received an unfair D grade in contracts paper due to professor deviating from the syllabus. Read more about the news in […]

Learn Contract Drafting – Part 3 – Read Patiently

Hello readers. Welcome back. If you read my last two articles on ‘contract drafting’ and have come back for more (that means you are not angry on me for my last advice), my next most important advice to you is – “read some more, read carefully and read with patience.” I am hoping that […]

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