I am  a learner by birth. I put my best efforts to find the resources which will help me grow intellectually.

My work involves drafting of different types of contracts. In my kind of work, I occasionally come across some interesting elements of different types of contracts. Some I try to learn, use and refine myself; others I question, challenge and discard.

So, its was natural of me to look for resources on contract drafting. I did find some good efforts by few lawyers and professors. But, I also noticed that this information was very rare on the internet and save for few blogs and websites, nothing much has been revealed by people who are masters of contract drafting.

So, I decided to add one more Blog to the World Wide Web and I sincerely hope that people will notice it. My expectations from this Blog is very simple: my efforts should be of value to others and others should share their knowledge for the greater good of legal fraternity.