I am an advocate by profession and have completed my LL.B. Degree from esteemed Delhi University in the year 2006. After facing initial challenges and hiccups that the legal profession offers in India, I have become more determined to contribute to the society through my learning gathered using this noble profession.

Although, during my practice, I have faced certain situations that pose difficult question of survival of the fittest, I am still holding the ground firmly. I firmly believe that being able to present your client’s case, with clarity, before a Court, is the cardinal principal that a lawyer must keep to his heart to achieve the true path.

I am also an avid drafter and am totally and completely in love with Contract law, summarized in Indian Contract Act of 1872.

In my brief carrier, I have had the opportunity to draft and review many contracts, which include, Service Level Agreements, MOUs, NDAs, Marketing Agreements, License Agreements, Employment Contracts, Software Development Agreements, Website Terms (Gaming, Comparison Services, Online Shopping, Finance, Education, etc.) & Privacy Policies, Managed Partition Service Agreement, Website Design & Development Agreements, Search Engine Optimization Services Agreements, Online Network-Merchant-Affiliate Agreements, Tenancy Agreements, Lead Sale & Purchase Agreement, Telecom Interconnect Agreement, Finance Agreements, Share Purchase, Equity Incentive Agreements, Investors rights Agreement, etc.

And still I personally feel that my knowledge of Contract Drafting is very limited.

I am an avid reader and suggest all who chose law as their profession to be an avid reader through out their life. Humility is one of the personal traits that I would like to master. So far I have been less than successful in my attempts. My intention is to use this website as a platform to convey to all what I have learned so far in my life and to learn from others.

You can check my Linkedin profile here to know my professional details.