This blog is born out of my desire to share my knowledge of contract drafting with students, advocates and in-house counsels interested in learning more about contract drafting basics, tips, tricks and developments. It is my humble request to all readers of this blog that they actively participate in the discussions, feel free to give their comments and should not shy away from giving any comments that are critical of my writing or that find faults with my understanding of the subject.

I am open to suggestions and invite the readers to join me in sharing and spreading their knowledge and experience on the subject of contract drafting with all.

In the ever changing world and globalized businesses, my understanding is that we all should keep improving and keep learning from our own mistakes and from others’ experiences. This blog intends to be a platform and a knowledge-base on subject of contract drafting for all readers, and is not a definitive statement by me on the subject.

I do not claim to know all, but feel privileged to share my knowledge and experience with others, and fortunate to have readers interested in the subject of contract drafting.