Most of us, lawyers, honestly believe that we know the language we use to write our contracts. For this blog post, I am restricting my views on English language, the language I use to write my contracts. My experience with this language has been a roller coaster ride. You may or may not relate to my experience, but it is an interesting one indeed.

You will not believe this but it is true that despite having a good command over standard English grammar, I started speaking fluently only after I was compelled to do so during my graduation. As soon as I landed on doorsteps of my future college I found facing a student from South India who only knew the local language or the English language. I was forced to answer in English, which I did with much hesitation. 

Later I improved my spoken English skills as well, and am now fairly comfortable in making conversations in English. My writing obviously has improved a lot due to my professional requirement to write contracts in English.

I have found that some Indian writers who have written  winning novels in English language had studied in Hindi medium schools, and picked up writing in English at much later stage in their life. I encourage you to find these writers.

What matters is your interest and passion to learn and you will learn. So if you are presently not comfortable with the English language don’t be disheartened and keep learning. With practice you will surely be able to master the language.