Soon after I wrote the blog post – “Learn Contract Drafting – Part 1 – Start Reading”, I conciously turned to my fellow LinkedIn group members to get some feedback on the peculiar and informal writing style of the post. 

And, did I get some comments. I did get a few encouraging ones and few critical ones. Two of the critical comments were interesting, not because they touched upon what I was seeking. They were interesting because those comments were close to becoming a personal insult, if I chose them to be.

One person was against the idea that I had posted same request on several LinkedIn groups, including a group that this individual was managing, and suggested that my request amounted to marketing of my blog. Another thought that I was writing only to gain some cheap publicity. I replied to them politely explaining why I wrote the post in that way.

By the way, isn’t LinkedIn a professional social network, which implies that one can advertise one’s professional work, even on closed group pages that are a part of Linkedin website.

The interesting part is that the first person does the marketing of his own work on other LinkedIn groups. And, the second person did not respond to my reply, implying that either nothing more was left in the person’s arsenal of personal criticism or that my reply was accepted by that person.

I do not mind such criticism, as one cannot avoid it if one is writing on a public forum.

I am writing this only as an advice to you –  the contract drafter who is still learning – that you should always have an open and positive mind. You should always keep your head cool, if someone criticises your writing, even if you view it as a personal criticism. 

Why you should do that? 

As you are learning to draft contracts, it is implicit that you will also negotiate them in future. And, a good negotiator always keeps his head cool. If you accept all kinds of criticism, even personal ones, you will learn a lot and you will learn fast. Your rejection to accept criticism will only hurt your own prospect of improving your work.